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Phantom Hitchhiker


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Allegedly, spirits of those who have fallen victim to automobile or road tragedies, spirits that haunt the very location where they were killed.

Phantom hitchhikers are some of the most 'popular' type of ghosts worldwide. Even though they have been reported for well over a century (even on horseback), it seems that the last 60 years have been most prolific.

The typical story usually tells of a lonely driver at night on a lightly traveled road, who picks up a strange hitchhiker, drops him or her off at some destination, then somehow later finds out that the hitchhiker had in fact died months or years earlier — often on that very same date. Some say they are apparitions, and some say they are nothing other than spirits repeating time over and over again.


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According to the 'experts', there are 3 types of phantom hitchhikers:

1. One that goes into the car after stopping the driver. These are just waiting by the side of the road, usually of the opposite sex.

2. One that gets hit or nearly missed by driver then no body is found. This kind appears out of nowhere in the middle of the road and gets hit by the car.

3. One that stops the driver where accidents or murders have happened, or if there is a broken road. This kind probably got injured in an accident and is now repeating itself as an apparition. Or it could be it died due to the bad road and its apparition is warning others.

Like most 'true' ghost stories, narratives of phantom hitchhikers are impossible to authenticate, and are most often consigned to the class of urban legend or folklore.


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