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Quirardelli, Corneille


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Alternatively Ghirardelli, Cornelio.

A Franciscan monk born at Boulogne, France, towards the end of the 16th-century.

Quirardelli studied astrology, and was the author of several astrological works, physiognomy, and other subjects.

Quirardelli's interest in astronomy and astrology led him to the Accademia dei Vespertini in Boulogne. The group used to gather at nightfall in the house of Ovidio Montalbani, the professor of Astronomy and Mathematics at the University of Boulogne. Indeed, Quirardelli originally wrote his famous treatise in Physiognomy, Cefalogia Fisonomica, for distribution within the Vespertini.


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It was Quirardelli's connection with Girolamo Onofrio a fellow Vespertini, professor at the University of Boulogne from 1613 to 1639 and consulter to the Inquisition that facilitated the publication of Quirardelli's works at a time when the church was particularly suspicious about the arts of divination.

On April 12, 1630, under the aegis of Pope Urbano VIII, Quirardelli, himself a member of the order of Franciscan minors, was named pater provinciae Venetae.


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