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Rain Forest


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Also Rainforest.

Dense tropical and subtropical forests, where sunlight hardly penetrates the lush growth.

Rain forests occur in a band around the Earth between the Tropic of Capricorn (about 23 S. latitude) and the Tropic of Cancer (about 23 N. latitude). Some modern accounts restrict jungles to about 20 S. and 30 N. latitude. The major continental jungles are found in Central America and the northern half of South America, in the central two thirds of Africa, and in India and Southeast Asia.


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The East Indies, particularly Sumatra, Borneo, and New Guinea have significant jungle regions. So also do parts of northern Australia, the Philippines, most of Madagascar, and the West Indies. Parts of the northwestern United States and of Florida qualify as temperate rain forest areas.

Rain forests have a myriad of unknown and little known plants and insects, from which a great number of new lifesaving medicines and compounds could be discovered and extracted. Unfortunately, at the rate that rain forest is disappearing worldwide, many of these medicines and compounds may never be discovered.


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