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Druids at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom. . .  —  Buy this art print at

Members of the ancient pre-Christian Celtic priestcraft of Britain and Gaul, a secret order about which almost nothing is known. The term 'druid' means 'knowing the oak tree' in Gaelic; the oak tree was sacred to the Celts.

The Romans tell us that the Druids were magicians, but the nature of their magic is unknown. The Romans also tell us that they believed in the transmigration of souls (which may have been reincarnation). They are said to have conducted their cult practices in sacred oak groves, where one of their chief rites was harvesting mistletoe using a golden sickle. They are also thought to have offered human sacrifices. It is probable that they were the representatives of the ancient Nordic and Christian Mysteries.


Human Sacrifice by Gaulish Druids in a Wicker Man. . .  —  Buy this art print at

The theory that the Druids built Stonehenge or Avebury, advanced by some antiquarians in the 17th and 18th centuries, has been proved by modern archaeological techniques to be false.

Many of the ancient magical spells used among the Druids survived until a comparatively late period — the names of saints being substituted for those of Celtic deities. In pronouncing incantations, the usual method employed was to stand upon one leg and point with the forefinger to the person or object on which the spell was to be laid, at the same time closing an eye, as if to concentrate the force of the entire personality upon that which was to be placed under the spell. All magic rites were accompanied by spells, and Druids often accompanied an army to assist by their magic in confounding the enemy.

Various Druid groups flourish in Britain and the United States, but claim no connection with ancient Druids. They celebrate eight pagan festivals in outdoor henges and groves, the most important being the summer solstice. Since 1985 modern Druids have been prevented from gathering at Stonehenge for the solstice, due to vandalism by spectators. American druids use a replica of Stonehenge in Washington State.


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Ancient Celts or Gauls Sacrificing a Cow, circa 1800-18
Ancient Celts or Gauls Sacrificing a Cow, circa 1800-18 Giclee Print
Raineri, Vittorio
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  Ancient Celts or Gauls in Battle, circa 1800-18
Ancient Celts or Gauls in Battle, circa 1800-18 Giclee Print
Raineri, Vittorio
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Druids at Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom
Druids at...
Adam Woolfitt
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  Stonehenge, or a Circular Temple of the Druids, Plate 19 from "The History of the Nations"
Stonehenge, or a Circular Temple of the Druids, Plate 19 from "The History of the Nations" Giclee Print
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The Sacred Grove of the Druids, from the Opera "Norma" by Vincenzo Bellini (1802-35)
The Sacred Grove...
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    In a Forest Near Chartres France Druids Collect Mistletoe for Ritual Purposes
In a Forest Near Chartres France Druids Collect Mistletoe for Ritual Purposes Giclee Print
Damblans, Eugene
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Human Sacrifice by a Gaulish Druid, from "Histoire De France" by L.P. Anquetil, 1851
Human Sacrifice by a Gaulish Druid, from "Histoire De France" by L.P. Anquetil, 1851 Giclee Print
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    Druids Sacrificing to the Sun in Their Temple Called Stonehenge
Druids Sacrificing to the Sun in Their Temple Called Stonehenge Giclee Print
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Child is Sacrificed to the Druid Deity
Child is Sacrificed to the Druid Deity Giclee Print
Boyd, Arthur
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    The Wicker Man in Which People were Burnt as Sacrifices to Their Deities
The Wicker Man in Which People were Burnt as Sacrifices to Their Deities Giclee Print
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The World of the Celts
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