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Tarzan the Mighty, Frank Merrill, 1928 . . .  —  Buy this art print at


The famous foundling reared by apes in the African jungle that was created by Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) in 1912. He has countless adventures in novels and films, in which he communes with animals, rescues damsels in distress and discovers long lost civilizations.

In the 'monkey language' that Burroughs invented for Tarzan, his name means 'white skin'. He is given this name by his foster-mother, Kala the ape, who was killed by pigmies. His Christian name was John Clayton, lord Greystoke.

The first novel of 24 in which he appears is Tarzan of the Apes (1914).





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The 24 Tarzan books written by Burroughs:

Tarzan of the Apes — In this book you meet Tarzan, learn who he really is, where he came from, how he became lord of the apes and protector of the jungle, and the English Earl of Greystoke. You also learn about Tarzan and Jane.

The Return of Tarzan — Tarzan loves Jane, but she has promised to marry another. Heartsick and lonely, Tarzan sails to Paris to learn the ways of civilization from his friend D'Arnot. On board ship — and later in the cafes and streets of Paris — he learns that the jungle is not the only place where savage beasts dwell. Before setting foot on French soil, Tarzan is caught up in a whirlwind of blackmail, attempted murder, kidnapping, and the intrigues of desperate men and beautiful women. When a secret mission takes him back to Africa, he struggles with a decision: Can he stay in the world of the woman he has loved and lost? Or does destiny call him back to his original African home?




'Tarzan' image Copyright © Neal Adams.




The Beasts of Tarzan — After Tarzan's son is kidnapped, Tarzan and Jane are lured into a dangerous trap that separates them. In their desperate search for each other and for their son, they are drawn deep into the dangerous African jungle, where the evil schemes of Tarzan's enemies Rokoff and Paulvitch threaten them at every step. The ape-man must draw on all of his animal strength and all of his human intelligence (as well as the help of the beasts of the jungle) to try to reunite his family in safety.

The Son of Tarzan — Paulvitch still lived and sought vengeance against Tarzan. As part of his plot, he lured Tarzan's young son away from London. But the boy escaped, with the aid of the great ape Akut, and they fled to the savage African jungles where Tarzan had been reared. There the civilized boy had to learn to meet the great beasts and face the dangers only his father had ever conquered. But he grew in time into Korak the Killer, almost as mighty as Tarzan. Korak found a friend in Meriem, whom he rescued from a raiding Arab band. Then he discovered that the dangers of the jungle were nothing compared to those devised by men.

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar — An amnesic Tarzan has been caught plundering the treasure vaults of the lost city of Opar. But a mysterious treasure hunter and a band of thieves have also learned of the hidden wealth. When a bag of jewels Tarzan had taken falls into the hunter`s hands, a game of deadly double and triple-cross begins — and the winner claims the treasure.

Jungle Tales of Tarzan — This collection of short stories explores the life of the young Tarzan, his adventurous boyhood and teen years among the great apes and other wild creatures that were his only family.

Tarzan the Untamed — While John Clayton, Lord Greystoke (Tarzan) is away from his plantation home in British East Africa, it is destroyed by invading German troops from Tanganyika. On his return he discovers among many burned bodies one that appears to be the corpse of his wife, Jane Porter Clayton. Another fatality is the Waziri warrior Wasimbu, left crucified by the Germans. Maddened, the ape-man seeks revenge not only on the perpetrators of the tragedy but all Germans, and sets out for the battle front of the war in east Africa. On the way he has a run-in with a lion (or Numa, as it is called by the apes among whom Tarzan was raised), which he traps in a gulch by blocking the entrance. At the front he infiltrates the German headquarters and seizes Major Schneider, the officer he believes led the raid on his estate. Returning to the gulch, he throws his captive to the lion. Tarzan goes on to help the British in the battle in various ways, including setting the lion loose in the enemy trenches, and kills von Goss, another German officer involved in the attack on the Greystoke estate.

Tarzan the Terrible — In the previous novel, during the early days of World War I, Tarzan discovered that his wife Jane was not killed in a fire set by German troops, but was in fact alive. In this novel two months have gone by and Tarzan is continuing to search for Jane. He has tracked her to a hidden valley called Pal-ul-don, which means "Land of Men." In Pal-ul-don Tarzan finds a real Jurassic Park filled with dinosaurs, notably the savage Triceratops-like Gryfs, which unlike their prehistoric counterparts are carnivorous. The lost valley is also home to two different races of tailed human-looking creatures, the Ho-don (hairless and white skinned) and the Waz-don (hairy and black-skinned). Tarzan befriends Ta-den, a Ho-don warrior, and Om-at, the Waz-don chief of the tribe of Kor-ul-ja. In this new world he becomes a captive but so impresses his captors with his accomplishments and skills that they name him Tarzan-Jad-Guru (Tarzan the Terrible), which is the name of the novel. Jane is also being held captive in Pal-ul-don, having been brought there by her German captor, who has since become dependent on her due to his own lack of jungle survival skills. She becomes a pawn in a religious power struggle that consumes much of the novel. With the aid of his native allies, Tarzan continues to pursue his beloved to rescue her and set things to right, going through an extended series of fights and escapes to do so. In the end success seems beyond even his ability to achieve, until in the final chapter he and Jane are saved by their son Korak, who has been searching for Tarzan just as Tarzan has been searching for Jane.

Tarzan and the Golden Lion — Tarzan finds himself in Opar, a remnant of the lost city of Atlantis. He's not exactly a popular guy in Opar and is rescued from certain death by La, the High Priestess of Opar who just happens to be in love with Tarzan. They are forced to flee together into the Valley of Diamonds, which just happens to be ruled by some very nasty gorillas. Fortunately for Tarzan, Jad-bal-ja is on his trail and arrives in the nick of time.

Tarzan and the Ant Men — Tarzan in his wanderings in unknown Africa comes to a great thorn forest, impenetrable, according to native belief, and shunned because it is the abode of evil spirits. The undaunted Tarzan, however, finds a way through the awful thorns and emerges into an amazingly fertile country. Here he discovers a race of pigmies about eighteen inches high, fairly advanced in civilization and living in vast community houses resembling ant hills. Tarzan see many curious things, and has numerous startling adventures.

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle — Cruel slave traders have invaded Tarzan's jungle. In the meantime Tarzan must travel deep into unknown lands in search of a lost American. Soon both he and the slavers find themselves drawn to a hidden world still occupied by the Knights Templar who continue their Holy Crusades. Tarzan finds himself involved in this medieval life complete with jousting and combat with sword and shield. But the slavers too are coming closer.

Tarzan and the Lost Empire — Tarzan stumbles onto another vestige of times past in the form of the two remaining outposts of the ancient Roman Empire secreted in a hidden valley. Tarzan battles cruelty and plots to kill him against a race to save an innocent man from death in the arena.

Tarzan at the Earth's Core — The American explorer and emperor of Pellucidar, David Innes, has been captured by the deadly Korsar pirates. Picking up on the desperate cries for help emanating from Pellucidar, Jason Gridley of Tarzana brings the message to the only person who can help, Tarzan of the Apes. Together young Gridley and Lord Greystoke travel to the exotic and strange realm within the Earth to save the imprisoned ruler. Unaccustomed to the difficulties of Pellucidar, the two struggle in its savage environment, with its eternal noon and bizarre monsters, in their quest to save Innes and the precarious rule he has established.

Tarzan the Invincible — When Tarzan tried to stop some greedy tyrants in Opar, an ancient outpost of Atlantis, he was captured by a merciless band of warrior priests who yearned to sacrifice him on the bloody altars of the Flaming God. It took Tarzan's most magnificent display of nerve, courage, and raw animal power to free himself and vanquish the enemy.

Tarzan Triumphant — Evil men are rampaging through the jungle Tarzan calls his own and he pursues them to deliver them to justice. His travels bring him to a people-a lost remnant of ancient Rome-who now live an insane and perverted existence which includes human sacrifice — and an American female pilot is destined to be next if Tarzan is unable to rescue her first.

Tarzan and the City of Gold — Tarzan rescues a strange man from savage enemies and is astonished to discover that he is a native of no land known to the modern world. The Lord of the Jungle travels to a land where trained lions hunt down men and war is eternally waged. Here he attracts the attention of a Queen who will either have him as a consort or add him to the menu for the lions' lunch.

Tarzan and the Lion Man — A great safari had come to Africa to make a movie. It had struggled across the veldt and through the jungle in great ten-ton trucks, equipped with all the advantages of civilization. But now it was halted, almost destroyed by the poisoned arrows of the savage Bansuto tribe. There was no way to return. And ahead lay the strange valley of diamonds, where hairy gorillas lived in their town of London on the Thames, ruled by King Henry the Eighth. Behind them came Tarzan of the Apes with the Golden Lion, seeking the man who might have been his twin brother in looks — though hardly in courage.

Tarzan and the Leopard Men — The steel-clawed Leopard Men were looking for victims for their savage rites. The secret cult struck terror in the hearts of all the villagers. Only Orando of the Utengi dared to declare war on them. And with Orando went Tarzan of the Apes — but a strangely changed Tarzan, who now believed that he was Muzimo, the spirit or demon who had been Orando's ancestor. There were traitors among Orando's people. And in the village of the Leopard Men was Kali Bwana, the white girl who had come to Africa to find a missing man. Only Tarzan could save her.

Tarzan's Quest — Tarzan must travel to discover a strange tribe of white savages hidden in the interior. Their discovery is now made the more vital because they have kidnapped the daughter of his friend. How could he know that he would also be called upon to rescue the passengers of a crashed aircraft-among them his own beloved Jane?

Tarzan and the Forbidden City — Tarzan of the Apes goes in a journey to the hidden city of Ashair, where hideous rites of torture and sacrifice are customary, and gigantic diamonds abound. Once again there are hapless victims to rescue and villains to deal with.

Tarzan the Magnificent — Tarzan takes a crazed and half dead American under his protection only to discover that he has been wrenched away — no longer in control of his own will — drawn back to an unknown city ruled by an evil wizard and protected by an army of female Amazon warriors. What are the strange hypnotic powers of the Gonfal, where is the hidden realm of Kaji, who is the lost Englishman and why are men powerless to prevent themselves being fatally drawn towards giant diamonds? Tarzan must discover the answers, brave all perils and rescue his friend.

Tarzan and the Foreign Legion — The Lord of the Jungle is in the island of Sumatra and a war has once again enveloped the globe. Tarzan has adopted his civilised alter ego, Colonel John Clayton, Lord Greystoke. Shot down whilst a passenger aboard an American bomber, Tarzan finds himself in a strange jungle pitted against a new, powerful and ruthless enemy — the Imperial Japanese Army.

Tarzan and the Madman — The jungle drums are declaring Tarzan as an enemy of all the tribes. He has not only enslaved their women and the daughter of a millionaire, but has also declared himself a God! Needless to say this criminal is not the real Tarzan, who is now preparing to bring the usurper to book, clear his name and rescue the girl.

Tarzan and the Castaways — Tarzan once more finds himself far away from his beloved Africa and stranded upon an uncharted Pacific Island together with a peculiar assortment of survivors. Bloodthirsty brigands and ferocious Malay tribesmen threaten, but Tarzan is about to receive help from a totally unforeseen source.

For nearly half a century, Edgar Rice Burroughs' final work, an unfinished Tarzan novel, was locked in a vault where it became the stuff of legend. Edgar Rice Burroughs's last Tarzan manuscript, completed with the help of award-winning author Joe R. Lansdale:

Tarzan: The Lost Adventure — Tarzan, aided by Jad-bal-ja and Nkima, defends a party of American archeologists in search of the Lost City of Ur. He combats brigands who would plunder the party and the jungle, the savage inhabitants of Ur and, finally, a mantis-like monster from the earth's core.

Other Tarzan related books:

Tarzan Alive: A Definitive Biography of Lord Greystoke — Offers the first chronological account of Tarzan's life, narrated in careful detail garnered from Burroughs’s stories and other sources. From the ill-fated voyage that led to Greystoke's birth on the isolated African coast to his final adventures as a group captain in the RAF during World War II, Philip Jose Farmer constructs a comprehensive and authoritative account. Farmer’s assertion that Tarzan was a real person has led him to craft a biography as well researched and compelling as that of any character from conventional history.

The Origin of Tarzan; The Mystery of Tarzan's Creation Solved — Solves the mystery of Tarzan's creation and reveals the major ideas which inspired Edgar Rice Burroughs to create one of the great hero archetypes of all times.


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The Warriors and the Bankers: A History of the Knights Templar from 1307 to the Present.

Unholy Worship: The Myth of the Baphomet, Templar, Freemason Connection.

Wilhelm Tell (German Literary Classics in Translation).

William Tell: One Against an Empire [A Swiss Legend].

William Tell Told Again.

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